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    for sale is used Galil DMC-1880 PCI motion controller. Works with mach3 via a plugin. Comes with 2 long 100 pin cables for the breakout boards.

    I accidentally bought 2, so one has to go. 550euro shipped to your door worldwide. They sell for quite much more at ebay.

    To run it on a machine you will need for 4 axis - 1 DMC-1900 or DMC-2900 breakout boards. On ebay at around 100 euro each. Or 2 of them for more than 4 axis.

    Right now they sell at ebay some Galil AMP-19540 for 120eur, which can be used instead of the breakout boards and each of it can drive 4x500w servo motors. So quite cheaply can be formed a great setup.

    Or simply the cables can be cut at the side of the enclosure and fashioned a cheap termination board, as most of the signals are opto isolated in the controller

    I tested it as far as i could and updated to latest firmware. There is quite extensive manual at the Galil web how to use the controller.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    PS. I have also the DMC -2183, which is the same but ethernet controller. It comes with 2 I/O boards and plugs. The same price. So if you need lan motion board i can keep the 1880.
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    Just send it to ebay. No interest? I can lower a bit the price. Come on, its a steal

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