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    If it's any use to you I just got email from Screwfix, Evolution saw 59.99 ends midnight today.

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    Cheers Eddy,

    They are doing two models, one is 110v and the other is on the same offer but on 230v:

    Link to 230v Evolution RAGE3B2102 210mm Compound Mitre Saw 230V

    Link to 110v Evolution RAGE3B2101 210mm Compound Mitre Saw 110V

    Shame really as i've got aload of 2x2 to chomp through for my shed/workshop build this spring, ended up winning a nice 110v Hitachi C8FSC for 75 on ebay a few months ago, guy only used it to do his house up, so its a minter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Roberts View Post
    shed/workshop build this spring,
    eagerly awaiting a build log....

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingcreaky View Post
    eagerly awaiting a build log....
    Me too mate me too, currently out walking the dog in this lovely winter breeze!

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    It's also on Amazon for the same price with free delivery, so no rush...
    Old router build log here. New router build log here. Lathe build log here.
    Electric motorbike project here.

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    It's also been appearing every other week for last several months.!! . . .And if you walk into any store there often in the entrance.!

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    No worries, I've no interest in these myself so didn't know the current going rate.

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    When I bought mine it was 99.99, but you got a 50 evolution circular saw as well. Nice tools, but a bit flimsy, though I have a 14" Rage pro for heavier use. Screwfix had some real bargains due to errors on their website, but they fixed it damned quick (too damned quick ).

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    Damn those web masters! lol.

    Axminster's website is looking very nice at the momment ;-).

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