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    Cheers mate, will have a good read later and contact them.

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    Why not Just buy a cheap PC for 50 and be done with it.? . . . More flexible than dedicated controller.!

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    I was hoping to save space which I am a bit short of in a small flat but might have to revert to that. The prices I have seen so far for controllers are far more than I can justify.

    Reading about GRBL and Arduino UNO at the moment but haven't checked prices yet. I'm not even sure if it's what I want or not, just started reading about it.

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    Have a look around for something like a Dell Optiplex GX260 SFF or any other small form factor machines. The Dells tend to go for between 40-60 and have the full parallel port capabilities. I normally use them as they're quite neat compact units. One of mine sits in the cupboard on the boxford lathe, another will be going inside the 260VMC.

    Just make sure they come with the power brick as well ;)

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    Looks like I am going to have to use a PC after all, everything else seems to be too expensive.

    Do you know if Ubuntu (LinuxCNC) will run on that?

    What a "power brick"?

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    Yep, Linux runs fine on mine. The power brick is the external power supply. They have a specific plug to go in the unit rather than the standard kettle lead. They're small form factor partly because the PSU is external.

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    Were there two versions of the Optiplex GX260 SFF? all the ones I'd seen had PSU built in, will keep that in mind if I find one though, just in case.

    I've got an old Dell server but not sure if LinuxCNC will run on it, only has 512MB RAM and 16MB video card but that thing is almost as loud as a dremel. LOL
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    Doh. Ignore that spent too long working with the 260's the name gets stuck in my head lol.

    GX745 USFF or 755 etc. The one with the laptop style cd tray. :)
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