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    Quote Originally Posted by EddyCurrent View Post
    How are you putting the drive into RUN P0.02 ?
    From the keypads (P0.02=0)
    Make a note of the setting for P0.06 then change it to 15Khz
    Tried both default 8kHz and the maximum 15kHz.
    Make sure PB.01 is set to 0 (E mode)
    Tried both E and P mode. No difference so left it at default 0 (E mode)
    Are the PA group values set to default ?
    They are left at defaults since changing them didn't make any difference. Btw, after trying to change PA.06 I cannot return it to default. The manual says it can be changed between 50% and 200% but I can set it only to 200 or 500. There are also other "quirks" I noticed:
    1. P0.05 (Dec time) is dependent on P0.15 (lowest freq), P0.05 cannot be set lower than P0.15*10 - if I set P0.15 to 120Hz, I cannot set deceleration time lower than 1200s.
    2. PB.09 (Leakage inductance) manually can only be set to 0.0 or 0.1
    3. P3.09 has no effect on changing frequency using keypad - it always in 0.01Hz steps.
    Seems like the firmware is quite buggy.
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    Is your spindle motor a 2 pole asynchronous type ?

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    It probably is.
    I have another machine with this motor fitted TEC Electric – IE2 2.2kW (3HP) 2 Pole AC Induction Motor 230V or 400V B3 Foot Mount - 90L Frame - AC Motors (Three Phase)
    My ABB drive worked great with this motor in vector mode but it would not work with the high speed spindle so the only other thing I can think of is
    to connect a standard motor similar to the one in the link to it and see if that will run in vector mode.
    If it does then at least you know the VFD is okay but it's either not designed for the high speed spindle in vector mode or it's a combination of parameter changes but which ones I don't know.

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    I only have another high speed (400Hz/1.5kw) motor to test with and the pattern was the same. Sadly, I cannot afford to buy a motor just for a test.

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    I'm sorry then I can't think of anything else to try at the moment.

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    To be honest I wasn't expecting so much attention to my problem, so big thanks!
    What puzzles me is that when you google for "vfd vector" you get tons of messages on CNC related forums advising to get a vector vfd over v/f for spindle motors but I can hardly find anyone sharing their success with vector mode let alone showing steps how they did it or any actual settings. Strange.

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    Funny, look what you get in 6th link when you google for "vfd vector spindle problem":

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    Try to contact chinese company Hyria Electrical Co.Ltd
    Have you connected a braking resistor ?
    Perhaps autotuning in vector mode does not work correct try to set the values manually.
    I dont know if this solve the problem...

    I have same type of vfd SL-440EE but i dont have high speed spindle motor to try.
    I have only 3 phase asynchronous motor 1400 rpm.
    In my vfd some electronic components are missing from pcb max485 ic / some connectors / 1 igtb / dome smd reistors .
    Perhaps this pcb is the same and for bigger model and missing components are for higher power vfd.
    I have soldered a missing max485 to have rs485 connection.
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    can you run your motor in vector mode ?
    If yes, what are the values ?
    The braking resistor should not matter for this problem.
    Spelling mistakes are not intentional, I only seem to see them some time after I've posted

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