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    I cannot change PB.02. If I do and then after autotuning I change it back to 2.2, it resets all motor parameters detected during autotuning and as I mentioned before, PB0.09 (leakage inductance) cannot be set manually.
    How much down in rpm can you go with your ABB drive in vector mode?

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    Okay, but I would still try other ratios of the other parameters trying to get nearer 50%, as long as you apply the same ratio to all motor parameters.
    With the ABB it goes down to zero.
    Spelling mistakes are not intentional, I only seem to see them some time after I've posted

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    I know the threat is more than a year old but I would be really interested if you have found a solution to the VFD issue...

    Just bought the same set up (SL-222E + 2,2KW Spindle) a few weeks ago and so far have not managed to get it to work in vector mode. Pretty much the same issue - the spindle cranks a few turns, then stalls throwing an OC (over current) error. Fiddling around with the settings following your posts got me partial success but I forgot to note down the steps and lost all again after another auto tune...


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