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    Still yet to fully design the Y and Z axis, planning to use 16mm rails for both and a basic leadscrew system...

    Trying to keep costs to a minimum whilst using premium parts so that they can be reused at a later date when I update the system.

    Anyone experience with running 2 steppers on a single axis? I'm assuming I can run a 4 axis controller and use mach3's stepper synch functions.

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    Well I have 4 steppers, so might as well set the system up to use them..

    As for the router suggestion, I would do that, however my router collet doesn't grip the bit at the moment so I can achieve a good cut as after a short distance the bit will slide out.

    My hand isn't stable enough to cut straight with a jigsaw, and there is no immediate rush.

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    I have seen that before, and the theory of 2 steppers on a single axis seems fairly simple since the steppers will give mach3 feedback and error correction.

    All I need to confirm is that a 4 axis stepper controller will be able to run 2 steppers on the X axis.

    I also need to sort out power supplies... How much wattage am I going to need.... Dont you love electronics :P

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    I'll be alright, play it safe and get something with more than enough power...

    Depends on what controller I go for...

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    I was thinking about using the routoutcnc boards or even taking a jump in the deep end and use a 4axis board from china...

    Although I cant find much feedback on those for obvious reasons.

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    Had some free time away from baby this morning so I cracked on!

    Decided to get a shift on with the gantry, no real work in progress shots, but you can see where I am up to...

    Next i'd like to sort out some nuts that I can fix to the gantry then I can mount the X axis screws and steppers.

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    Hi Conan,

    If you are still thinking of swapping the Pine for something more stable why not try

    Its cheap, cut to length for you, Very accurate and very very easy to mount on also strong as hell due to the profile!


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    Reckon since I've got a load of wood sat here, i'll push on with it for the time being...

    With any luck machine #2 will be an aluminium machine :)

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    It can get addictive, What are you using for lead screw /nuts?


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    I've got 2 dead straight M8 studding bars for the X axis, I was going to use self made delrin nuts but i dont have any way of drilling perpendicular to the material.

    So i'm on the search for some nuts that I can screw to the gantry.

    I plan to use M8 for the Y axis and either M8 or M6 for the Z.

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