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    I could turn you some 8mm Delrin nuts with a flange if you like?


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    I might take you up on the offer in a few weeks time as i'm strapped now...

    Been pretty much unable to find anything else suitable that is ready made....

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    No probs just send me some material either delrin/ptfe when your ready and i'll make them, I dont want paying either!. Just a self addressed envelope to send em back.


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    I would suggest going for a block type nut as mounting a round nut is a little bit more tricky.

    Below is some pics of the ones i make for use with M8 Threaded Rod:

    The above image is how they look in my ebay shop at 4.99 each with fixings. 15 will see you get all 3 nuts + fixings via Royalmail First class.

    You can read how well they work here, [ame=""][/ame] let me know if i can help you.

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    Nice leadnuts, I agree for thiz setup they would be easier to mount.


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    What i'm after (after a few minutes on sketchup)

    Thought that would give me the simplest option for a drive nut... Although the delrins would be a backup due to how the system is going in my head.

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    Hmm, Thats pretty much what I meant by a flange nut.
    What do you mean by "The delrins would be a backup" ? Would you not use delrin for flange nut?

    PM me if you want me to make em!


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    I meant i'd rather have a flange nut, i'd use delrins if I couldn't find anything I liked.

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    Sorry I'm confused.

    The Sketchup image is of a flange nut, your other option was lee's block nut. I think both would be made from either Delrin/Acetal or PTFE?

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    Yea i think your missing the point Conan, both types of nut would be made from lets say Delrin but they are diffrent in design, what was you thinking of using to make your own flanged nut ?

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