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    All, I am looking for some machining work to be done to a set of motorcycle carburetors to be modified as throttle bodies and I'm hoping there is someone local on here that would be willing to take on the work.

    The work consists of three separate pieces.

    The first is to cut injector seats into the carburetor bodies at an angle so that the injector centres break through to the bore a distance of 18mm from the engine side of the bores where the pilot jet currently comes out. The seats will require three different sized holes. The smallest being a 9.5mm diameter hole for the injector tip. This would be a normal drilling operation. The next size needs to be a sealing face and bore for the injector. The hole needs a square bottom and smooth bore. The third size up is another drilling operation to 17mm in order to allow the body of the injector to fit. The materials in question are billet aluminium, cast aluminium alloy and small areas of steel reinforced epoxy. The "carb" titled pdf drawing and photos refer.

    The second piece of work is the fuel rail. A blank aluminium fuel rail extrusion in the basic shape will be provided. The work here is similar to the first piece. The 6mm hole is a normal drilling operation, while the 10.5mm hole needs to be a sealing bore and face for the injector top so the bottom of the hole needs to be square and the bore smooth. I will also need each end of the rail to be end milled to a smooth surface as there will be a copper washer sealing against the surfaces. Either end of the fuel rail will need to be tapped with M14x1.5 thread to take a banjo bolt on one end and blanking plug on the other. The attached pdf "fuel_rail2" refers.

    The third piece of work is drilling and tapping of a small throttle plate rod. I will need a hole drilled and tapped M3x0.5 axially through the centre of the rod to a depth of 10mm from the end without the disk attached. The rod material is brass and the photo "throttle rod" attached refers.

    If there is anyone on here locally that would be willing to do this work, it would be very much appreciated. If you want to talk through the work some more, I am more than happy to.

    Thanks guys, Tom.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails carb_mods.pdf   fuel_rail2.pdf   Click image for larger version. 

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