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    blackburn mark,

    This time I like your crack, life is too short and in time Jonathan will be coming from another angle so lets all kick back and chill out.

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    Hi guys,

    Iíve been holding off with my reply but I think now is a good time.

    Iím pleased the thread has now ďlevelled outĒ, amongst what has been said Iíve been able to take some good feedback from the discussion, I think Iíve identified some small changes I can make to the RFQ sub forum that should help address some of the specifics/concerns mentioned.

    Thank you everyone for your contributions, overall this half of the discussion has impacted positively to the evolution of the forum.

    Iíve split the thread for now; will write some code and fast track those changes shortly.


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    What I find the most saddening is that all, Alex and my self where trying to point out was becareful because you are subject to tax laws. Which to me was good helpful advise but for our trouble we get shit like this thrown at us.
    Fact your under the threshold makes no differance if you get reported and haven't declared your earnings they can still prosecute you if they feel the need.

    In my day job business's which is nothing to do with CNC I pay insurance just incase the Tax man ever investigates me.? Why because the expense of an investigation can easily run into £1000's of pounds and take years to resolve.!! . . . . Trust me on this because I've been on the receiving end of being raped by the Tax man and when they feel you've been less than truthful they turn you inside out go back to before time began and treat you like your Ronnie Biggs whether you are or not.!!

    So crack on "Men in shed's" but keep some lube handy because If HMRC comes knocking he'll bend you over dry with very little warning.!!

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    Here we go myi lov'ers (said in a south country accent):

    <vb:if condition="$show['member'] AND $GLOBALS[forumid] == '194' AND $post[postcount] == '1'">
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    Still needs some cosmetic adjustments but i'll do those on the dev server as part of the major update/redesign.

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    Having sat back and read some of the comments on here, its apparent that if you offer good advice to help others, it gets interperated in a totally different way, to suit the individual. The bottom line is, if you want to make a few pounds, do it, but don't tell an open forum that you are. This however is against the law, as if you are accepting monies in return for jobs/favours, this is classed as "doing business". If you wish to do business under the radar, again, don't do it on an open forum. As said before, i registered my small business with Mr Taxman, to keep me right, and to keep within the law. So should some spiteful jealous bag stabbing lowlife decides they want to tell Mr Taxman that i,m earning money through sales of my crafts. Mr Taxman can reply "crawl back under the stone that you came from and get a life, as this guy is a law abiding citizen. Myself and Dean, genuinely gave out sound advise, so that it would help members understand what goes on out there, but in was twisted in a way that made it look as tho WE were jealous or had an agenda. I can safely say that that was not and never was the intention from my part, and knowing Dean, nor his. We are all on this site to gain valuable information to help us have a better hobby/life, and share good and bad experiences. So the bottom line is, be careful what you say on an open forum.

    Kind regards

    one example of how an open forum can get you in trouble. I,m a member of a racing pigeon site, a fancier told the world that he had just killed a bird of prey. RSPB silently monitor the site pretending to be a fancier. Next step was an arrest, a court appearance and a heavy fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alex wight View Post
    one example of how an open forum can get you in trouble. I,m a member of a racing pigeon site, a fancier told the world that he had just killed a bird of prey. RSPB silently monitor the site pretending to be a fancier. Next step was an arrest, a court appearance and a heavy fine.
    Good example and I'll give one that's very related to this site.!!. . . . I knew someone who was posting that they where using Copied CAM software to the point they helped (and probably gave) others by telling them how to install it etc. This was picked up on by the Software company and legal action taken.!!

    Again I'm not getting on any Moral Soap box regards the use of dodgy software, most including me have used some at some point but just think before posting esp if your going to try to belittle some one at same time.

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    In that case Jazz, I'm not sure why you are frustrated?
    My objections are contingent upon there being some malice and in light of your words being of no such thing, they are not levelled at you and I will take responsibility for jumping the gun... however, I will to some extent continue to offer some opposition to your putting the fear of god into any souls that wish to use this site to "dip there wick" into the world of manufacturing.

    I am not offering legal advice and I am not advising people to "avoid" or ignore the conundrum twixt "dipping their wick" and taking the piss.
    It is a subjective shout on the side of the hobby manufacturer to draw a line between hobby and money making tax liable business.

    We ALL already know that the law is a blunt tool in that for all intent and purpose it would hold that your granny is liable if she decides to sell that jumper she knitted for you on ebay....
    Somewhere between knitted jumper and IPhone manufacturer there is a line and common sense "should" have folks have at least a rudimentary idea where that line is.
    Personally (OPINION) I would draw the line at skimming money from the hobby/business to spend on items that are unrelated to the building or running of that business excluding any grotesque asset building/collecting.

    I DO NOT advise anybody to do as I say or do... I am only offering my thoughts on the issue of the hysteresis loop between grannies knitted jumper and the Iphone manufacturer.... how many knitted jumpers can granny sell before she is taking the piss?
    There is an answer but unfortunately, it is a subjective one.

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    Mark I completely 100% agree there's nothing wrong with it in my eyes either.! . . .BUT and the whole point in MY original post, forget all the stuff after, was to becareful what you post publicly. Which in this case was Esp true because the little arrogant shit was putting down a bloke who just gave what was asked for a "Quote" in the full knowledge he could safely do so without fear of the Taxman. Jon then gave out Specific Figures of what He " illegaly in Tax mans world" charges which is in my eyes dumber than dumb considering you have just tried to belittle a hard working bloke who could possibly be very pissed off .!!

    My frustration came from the narrow mindedness of my post being twisted into something it wasn't, which seems to be happening a lot lately from the ones who clearly don't like me, which is fair enough as it's just par the course with forums.! . . . But I won't stand by and say nothing esp when I've only tried to pass on sound advise for someones own good.! . . . . . But on reflection and following his comments aimed to me I hope some Bastard does report him has he needs that arrogant chip knocking off his shoulders, thou rest assured it won't be me.!
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    I am happy to agree that Jonathan was insensitive with his bid.
    I am also happy to stand next to Corkcnc on his bid... I wouldn't put bids in on this site in a "business" capacity because there are to many people "dipping their wick" or jobs are done to some extent on good will and that cannot be competed with.... that's a good thing!

    My frustration came from the narrow mindedness of my post being twisted into something it wasn't, which seems to be happening a lot lately from the ones who clearly don't like me
    How many time do we need to go through this Jazz?
    Do you want me to draw you a picture or should I use shorter words?
    Maybe a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates to prove that any objections that I made where intended to counter any malice and as you have stated again and again, there was no malice in your words to Jonathan and as I have stated, I did not have you in mind when I originally objected so you where NOT being attacked.

    If you expect me to take your word that there was no malice, it would be wise for you too extend me the courtesy of of taking "me" at my word or you undermine any attempts on my part to reconcile the misadventure and you undermine the value of your own word with your assumptions that "everyone" is full of shit.
    I gave you a pass on much of the preceding venom and ad hominem, allowing for your short fuse for which I hold no grudge... is there any point in my stating that I do not dislike you Jazz... or will you persist in assuming that "everyone" is full of shit?

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    HM Revenue & Customs:Selling items online, through classified advertisements - Examples is worth a quick read.
    Things aren't always black and white in the tax field, however if you're making any kind of intentional commercial income, it should be declared.
    The pirated software thing is always a taboo area. However it is rumoured that a certain large CAD package got it's position by releasing cracks themself, and I've never heard of them prosecuting an individual for using them. It's quite ingenious when you think about. Get joe public using your very expensive software, who then go to their employers saying what a fantastic bit of software it is, who then spend lots of money on it. Mean while, all your competition who are doing everything they can to protect thier software and are relying on legacy sales/hard sell with limited hands on experience, are losing market share.
    Off course they've never publically admitted doing it, but when the cracks have came from the same source for a considerable number of years, it does make you wonder.

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