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    I am currently using 2x CW8060 drivers on my Y axis (long) and a singe 2M542 driver on the X (width) axis.

    I think this is probably limiting my cutting speed, so I want to put a CW8060 on the X axis too. They don't seem so readily available as they were 2 years ago, so is it best to search one out, or just use an alternative (now better) model?

    If someone has a CW8060 to sell cheaply, please contact me!

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    Spelling mistakes are not intentional, I only seem to see them some time after I've posted

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    Thanks. I found that too but I was hoping to get used a little cheaper ;)

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    If I recall correctly you're using 3Nm motors, so the phase current is 4.2A? If so then there are plenty of drivers to choose from - DQ860MA is generally a cheap one that works well.
    What speed are you getting on X and Y? How much different are they?
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    I've got 4Nm motors on all axis.

    Difficult to say about speed exactly. I was using a max of 7m/min mostly just doing rapids. I found there were sometimes missing steps and position was slightly lost. I dropped that down to 5m/min and it worked better. Still I don't cut faster than 4m/min or things like sharp corners become rounded.

    What are the differences between DQ860MA and CW8060? They looks about identical.
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