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  1. Would it be possible to manually control the movement of a stepper motor with a simple forward / reverse trigger switch off a pistol drill and what else would be needed to set it up.

    What I am thinking is the operator is manually moving a workhead left to right at the end of the run press a button or trigger switch to move the workhead down ie: put a cut on, move right to left all without taking his hands off the workhead, at the end of the job move to park area, press button / trigger switch up till it touches a limit switch and finish ready for loading next work piece.
    If operator takes his hands off the workhead whilst moving the machine stops.


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    Unless I misunderstand you, is this any use ?

    CNC Wireless MPG MACH3 Remote Controller WHB04-L 40M w/ Electronic Handwheel l | eBay

    People use X Box controlers and all kinds of other things too.
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  3. Hi Eddy
    sorry no it's not what I was thinking,

    think of a standalone stepper motor not connected to a computer all I want to do is make it turn ccw & cw with say a trigger switch from a hand drill or two buttons is it possible to do, and if so what else would I need to make it work.


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    If you really want to move the CNC machine independant of a PC then you can in theory connect a function generator to one of the step/pulse inputs to a BOB. It would move the motor at the speed set by the function generator. Select square wave, ~5v output, frequency set to give the required speed. For direction you need to supply 0v or 5v to the direction pin.

    If you do this you probably need to isolate the PC parallel port temporarily to avoid putting 5v into an output.

    I believe this is essentially what the MPG does but it goes through the software to retain position.

    If you go direct you are bypassing Mach/Linux so I think it would completely loose position.

    Perhaps a macro would be a better option assigned to a spare button on an MPG.
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    If you search for, PIC chip, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, in the context of cnc controller you are sure to find what you need.

    This might be one ?
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  6. Thanks Routercnc,
    It's not what I am looking for, forget the machine, no cnc, no computer, loose stepper motor is sat on a bench is it possible to power it to turn CCW & CW with a trigger switch off a pistol drill or 2 buttons and what other components would I need to make it work.


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    This can easily be done with the uim2430.
    Search - Zapp Automation Ltd

  8. I'll try to explain a little better, this is not a cnc machine, but it has an X axis left to right, the guy holds 2 handles 1 in each hand when he has moved to the right he has to manually move the head down IE: put on a cut but when he take 1 hand off the handle does not matter which handle the spindle stops rotating. the machine only rotates when the guy has both hands on.
    What I want to do is put a stepper motor and control it with either a trigger switch or two buttons for the guy to power the head up & down without him taking either hand off the handles and the spindle keeps revolving.


  9. Quote Originally Posted by Gary View Post
    This can easily be done with the uim2430.
    Search - Zapp Automation Ltd
    Gary your great this is what I am after away to place and order now.

    many thanks


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    It's a pretty trivial thing to program on to a PIC, or an Arduino if you're so inclined. That's unless you've never done any programming.

    If you've not got a PIC programmer, or don't know someone who has, then using an arduino is probably the cheaper option. Something like this:
    Official Arduino UNO Rev3 R3 328 ATMEGA328P Board with Free USB Cable | eBay
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