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    Yep, good point..! Something like these, perhaps?

    TP-Link 200Mbps Powerline Pass-Through Adapter - Twin.. |

    Could get internet on my telly then, as well...

    Wal Yes they will work, you can also get them with say 2 or 4 lan ports out and even with one as an AP point. But be aware that they are not all compatible with each other. ..Clive
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    Thank you for the reposes guys, i,ll be looking into them later today. Thanks again.

  3. Slightly OT - Been using the Solwise 200AV homeplugs for a couple of years and rock solid. Streaming video from network drive to tv is great :)

    Words of advice :
    - don't mix n match supplier, it should work but pita.
    - make sure all devices use the INT64xx chipset and not the cheaper QCA one else video streaming is comprised.
    - use piggyback ones where possible, it saves hassle with extension leads and getting enough sockets
    - don't bother with 500AV, it's no faster unless your mains wiring is top notch and short, esp if you have multiple rings.

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    Solwise are a good company I have used them for many years. I have used these in the past Solwise HomePlug AV with 4 Ethernet Ports - PL-200AV-4PE and Solwise HomePlug AV with 4 Ethernet Ports - PL-200AV-4PE together the first has 4 sockets and the second 2 sockets but it includes wifi as well. They also have a pair which is good value Solwise HomePlug AV Push Button SecureSync - NET-PL-200-AV-TWIN for about 25 .. Clive

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    Irving, Clive - thank you both kindly for your advice. Solwise it is!


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