Hi People,

I'm Russell from Ferlach in southern Austria, near the corner of Austria, Slovenia and Italy.
My background is that of a consultant Engineer in the fields of Reliability and Maintenance. I review plants of all descriptions and assess the safety and the in house facilities for maintenance and downtime minimization.

My interest in CNC is from the point of view of an interested amateur who is now turning a hobby into a part time retiree occupation.

Have previously buillt a 4 axis CNC mill based on a Sieg X3, another 3 axis based on a Perrin Bros Mill (a wonderful but large Mill).
Was going to CNC my EMCO lathe but decided to purchase a Wabeco CC-D6000hs with NCCAD instead.

Might have been a mistake I think. After two weeks almost full time on it, I have yet to have the program recognise the lathe as a "KOSY" machine. Have written to Wabeco about it and am waiting for a reply now. Plan B might be to build another controller based on Geckos and Mach 3.

Found a Wabeco list on Yahoo but it seems more of a sales aid for retro fitted machines by MDR Precision and nobody home to approve my application to join.