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    I was wondering if there is anyone on here who does cnc coding and would be willing to do abit of freelance work


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    2 1/2D or 3D ?
    Any more details ?

    John S.

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    sorry i new to this but i have a business plan making office furniture im not to sure if thats 2d or 3d. it will be made from 25mm mfc and 18 mfc ive been selling office furniture for nearly 10 years now for a company but now wish to start manufacturering i just dont have the time or tech mind to work out the coding so was wishing to to freelance the work out

  4. Send me a message and let me know whether you are offering a per item rate or an over all project cost. would need to know the number of pieces and any drawing you have or pictures of the pieces with measurements and could set the code up. It also depends on what contro program you are using.


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