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    I've been wondering along similar lines - if the gantry is stiff enough in the axis it's being driven in, is it necessary to drive both ends of it? Thinking of a design where the drive end bearings are wider spaced and the gantry is triangulated...

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    on the machine in the video they are running the x on 3 carriages, 2 on the top and one on the bottom with a belt drive along the top so i gess they have found a way around it, maybe that is why they only have 3 carriages ?

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    managed to get the plates made through the forum so i can mount up the x and y carriages and all so some adapters to mount the ball screw blocks to the ali extrusion, its taken a while but now should be able to get the x and y properly rolling.

    The next step is going to be best to mount the rack and how i am going to do the motor mounts and keep things relatively simple. I guess i will also need to decide what motors i am going to use so i can get the mounting holes ect right.

    Any advice here would be great. From what i see some people are using a pivoting motor mount with a spring to keep it in tension and others are just having a ridged mount that you set the meshing and then leave alone.

    I have found this in the usa but i was hoping to use mod 1 rack and it looks like that is made for mod 2.

    any advice would be great and many thanks in advance for any info you guys can give

    best regards charlie

    ps if any one is in the sussex area and can lend any help or advice it would be very much appreciated and repaid any way i can.
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    X and Y mounted up and rolling finally.
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    Jeez, that's one helluva build!

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    could any one tell me if i was to run two ball screws for the y axis what is the best or most practised way of running them as a pair? im my mind i am thinking there are a few options, i have had a search but not found to much as im not to sure on the terms used for this. Is it better to run two motors one on each or put a motor on one and have a belt going across to the other or have a centrally mounted motor with a belt going to each?

    Also After a few people have mentioned it i am wondering if i would be better go for a hybrid closed loop stepper system due to the length of the x? servos are defiantly way out of my budget but is closed loop worth considering? can you run it on just one out of the 3 axis then upgrade the rest later?

    cheers charlie

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    sorry i ment to add this which is me just playing around with the z axis ball screw and seeing how it may work on the y, it looks like it could be quite straight forward to mount it up and just use a angle bracket of the carriage to the ball nut mount.
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    Call me sad but really getting excited now! Just mocked the z axis up with some wood plates to try and figure a few things out and all looks like it should be relatively simple.

    I have decided to go with all your suggestions and do the double ball screw and all so add the 3rd vertical rail to the Z axis. Its going to cost a lot more but it will actually probably be more simple and figured probably give me less headaches in the long run and wont kick myself wishing i had done it that way.

    The X axis will have to stay rack and pinion as i cant see any other real way to do it other than belt which people have said is not such a good idea on that length.

    I will order parts tomorrow then will need to get a few more plates made up to bolt it all up.

    still no real idea on what motors im going to use but hopefully some one will be able to help me with that.
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    Got the two 1100mm y axis ball screws through in the post and mocked up some plates that i will need to get made, now need to add the 3rd z axis rail and figer how to fit it all in together so it nice and clean.
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    Sorry I some how missed the post from a week ago.!! . . . . I would definately join the screws together with a single motor and belts. Far more accurate and less hassle.

    You really won't regret those 2 screws and extra rail on Z axis.

    Looking good and keep it going, shame your so far away I'd gladly help.

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