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    I have decided to use a planetary gearbox for the x axis which will be direct drive on to the rack and also to use a spring tensioned mount for this. However i cant seam to find anything suitable alredy available unfortunately.

    i have done a very crude mock up to get the ruff idea and to cheque for space ect.

    Can any one give me any suggestions on how would be best to do the pivot on it, im thinking maybe i need some sort of sealed barring in there to keep it moving smoothly all be it hopefully only fractions of a mm.

    Allso any other suggestions to the design that may be needed as i am pretty much just making up what i think will work from my head.

    ( sorry i cant figure why the pictures seam to rotate them selfs around)
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    I am just about to have the big wooden plates holding the z axis in the picture machined up in aluminium but wondering what thickness to go any suggestions? all the other parts i am having done will mainly be in 10mm but wondering maybe i should go higher for these to maybe 12 or 14 even
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    things are starting to move again i have just started to get some of the electrics together and things like the spindle is on order. I am all so in the process of designing a sprung motor mount for the rack and pinion and will be looking for some one to be able to machine it if there are any willing people?
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    i just got my 2.2kw spindle and mount through in the post and now have the task of fixing it to my 80x80 ali extrusion and was just wondering hows best to do it? The mounting flanges are a lot wider than the extrusion so im wondering if its best to tap the back of the mount and drill some holes all the way through the extrusion so i can bolt it from the back?
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    I would go with a Piece of plate same width as spindle mount fastened to extrusion with some nice strong bolts then fasten mount to that. This will make setup and tramming the spindle easier and backup the mount a Little.!

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    i did a little mock up in wood. In a aid to try and neaten things up i have taped some holes on the back of the mount and bolted it to the plate the heads of these bolts then actually locate into the slots of the aluminium profile then there are four bolts which actually bolt it to the aluminium extrusion using slide nuts. At the moment they are just m6 but i will change those to m8 when i get some larger slide nuts or tap some out.

    Ps im not sure why all my portrait pictures get rotated to landscape?
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    Progress with the electronics! I now have working steppers motors and functioning home and limit switches, to many this is probably not much of a big deal but it was the most daunting part for me and with a lot of help from two very kind people who im sure know who they are i have managed to get the basics going.

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    more progress today with figuring out how to fit the home and limit switched and and all so the drag chain to the x and y axis. More parts arriving tomorrow so hopefully i can make more progress.

    I still have to sort out the rack and pinion drive system and i have to be honest i have been wondering about belt drive again.
    any advice on improvements is more than welcome.
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    vfd mounted and the aluminium plates to mount the y and z axis carriages and steepers , its been a bit of a jigsaw trying to fit it all but getting there.all so run some trunking and a few other bits and bobs.

    still waiting on a gearbox to do the x axis and now just got to order some belts and pulleys to get the drives connected.
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    what are the best methods for tensioning timing belts on to steppers. I have slots for adjustment but need some sort of screw type adjuster to get the belt relatively tight. Cant seam to find much on here.

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