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    Hello to all, new to the world of cnc.
    looking to find out about........a self build or a cheap start up cnc router.

    Has anyone got any revives on the Gerber machines???

    Fife Scotland

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    Hi Dave, welcome to the forum! You're in the right place if you want to find out about self-builds as there's plenty of build threads on here depending on what you want to build and what you want to machine of course!


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    Hi and thanks Neil.
    not sure what I am going to do. would prob get an old machine and retro fit it????
    but not sure.
    but need to be a cheap starter.

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    What you want to cut in terms of materials and size will really decide which way is best to go...


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    hi neil.
    planning on working with mainly wood.
    so would need to be 1200 x 1200 min. and prob with a min 70mm z axis.
    would love a 2400 x 1200, but its mainly for personal things to get started.
    was looking at a second hand Gerber cnc router.
    but hope to get some direction from this site.
    or a self build. I have access to a steel worker ,250 ton press brake, 6mm guillotine and mig welders.

    but already have a few projects on the cards. so pointing more to a cheap second one.
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    How about this one? Bit smaller than what you want...CNC ROUTER | eBay or this one GERBER SYSTEM 48 HEAVY DUTY CNC PROFESSIONAL ROUTER WITH SIGNLAB O/S | eBay


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    are the Gerber cnc units any good????


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