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    Does anyone know what breakout cards are comparable with Vectric's ability to output direct to cnc machine?

    Thanks for your help


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    If you're using Mach3, it doesn't matter. All Vectric's software does is send the g-code directly to Mach3. Whatever hardware you may be using is irrelevant.
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    Thanks Gerry, I thought that Vectric's software was able to comunicate with the breakout board directly

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    This web site might be worth a read

    CNC Cookbook: Breakout Boards
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    Quote Originally Posted by picyman View Post
    Thanks Gerry, I thought that Vectric's software was able to comunicate with the breakout board directly
    Picman I think you miss understand the role of the Breakout board and Vectric Direct to machine use.

    The BOB's role is mainly to make connections to motors and input/outputs etc easier, they can also provide some protection to your parallel port by using Opto isolators. They can do other things also but essentially all they do is pass along signals and control nothing.

    The Vectric output to machine stills needs some in between software or driver to translate the G-code into Movement. Essentially all it's doing is saving you loading the G-Code into what ever control software runs the machine. The BOB has nothing to do with this other than pass along signals from the control software.
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