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    Info on the Vslot stuff WhatÂ* is V-Slot

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    Quote Originally Posted by picyman View Post
    I will mainly be using 45mm mahogany (soft) and 15mm thick maple top (hardish), i really want the cnc for some consistency cutting the holes, pickup slots, possibly the fretboard radius, inlays and the bindings, the final finish will be done by hand
    Well must say I think you will be dissapointed and having built a machine just for making guitars and musical instruments that is considerably more substantial then honestly think you haven't got a prayer of cutting Frets or Inlays, bindings with any accuracy and certainly not after a fews weeks or months of cutting when it's become worn.

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    I am a bit concerned that it might be that poor, not sure what to do

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    Take a look at these machines, I haven't physically inspected them but for the money them seem to offer the best value for money at the cheap end of the market.

    Link. cnc router | eBay
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