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    Don't know what other people use for clamping on router tables but I fitted my machine with some 3/4" extruded aluminium T-slots. I bought a couple of T-nuts and clamping knobs to go with them, so I could get dimensions for making more of my own. Then I found this on special offer at the moment. Not sure how long the deal lasts but at that price, I'm not going to bother making them. I've just made a few shaped aluminium sliders to go in the slots pocketed underneath to take the heads of the T bolts in the kit (intended for 1/2" T-slots). Only thing to watch is that these are 1/4BSW. Must be the last thing on earth being made with that thread!
    I'm nothing to do with Axminster other than being on their mailing list - just thought someone else might find this useful.
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    Nice one Neale, I better get an order in quick because there is no way i would pay that normal price of 36.


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    Hi Neale,

    I know know if I have it right in my head what your trying to describe but thought I would drop a link in here for you...

    Connecting strip 180

    These are usually for connecting profiles but would make a good base for attaching clamps to a T Slot bed.

    Hope it helps.

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