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    Hi Eddy

    No I didn't but it should be fairly easy to get one as Exel are based down the rd in Burnley and are pretty helpful.

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    If you want to convert to Mach3 then ideally you need a copy of the schematic and/or wiring diagram.
    Spelling mistakes are not intentional, I only seem to see them some time after I've posted

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    OK - so I've just been looking at the many and various brandings of this Chinese controller. Each and every one of the associated manuals say you can run files direct from USB. In fact in order to run from INTERNAL memory the manuals say you must first explicitly copy them to the internal flash.

    So you go to the menu that displays U-Disk-File-List and Inner-File-List select the former, select the file and it then scans the file and then you get the "run" screen. If you get to a menu that has the three options View-File, Copy-File, Delete-File then you've gone wrong somewhere - unless of course you actually DO want to copy the file to internal flash.

    Re: Converting to Mach3 it should be dead easy. If you look at the link I posted above it has the diagram of the interface card for the pendant. You'll see it's just a plain vanilla step/dir with I/O. If you start with Mach3 parallel port it should be as simple as getting a BOB and moving the labelled wires from the current card to the BOB.

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    Hi Stirling. I appreciate you looking into this for me. I am doing exactly as you say; select u disk, select file. Mine does it the other way round after this though. It gives you the run screen to set the speeds etc. When you ok the speeds it starts scanning the file (screen says checking file), that is when it counts up as percentage (takes ages for a 100mb file, 20minutes or so). Files above the memory threshold trigger the 'insufficient memory' display.
    In order to look at the dsp program, I will need to hook it up to my pc, which will need to be running windows xp (more hassle). If nothing else works I will do this and see if there is a setting accessible from the pc to change the way it reads.
    I have never found the view, copy, delete file option. It just gives me the choices you wrote above but once file is selected you get the chance to set speeds before it scans and spits the dummy out due to file size.
    I can't help thinking the messed up cuts it made over the last couple of days are related to this issue. I am trying to eliminate potential sources of the problem. My last known good file (a small one) ran fine yesterday evening. So many blinkin' variables though.
    Keep the advice coming. It's good to know that it should be possible.
    As regards Mach 3. I will undoubtably convert it sooner or later. Sooner if I can't get this flipin' pendant working properly.

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    It's strange you don't have the View-File, Copy-File, Delete-File menu because that implies you can't load a file off the USB to internal flash. That implies your only option is to run from USB - but then that doesn't make sense because then there should be "no" limit...

    Also, I was thinking about this BUFFERING nonsense. a) 128Mb is one hell of a buffer in this context but more importantly b) You can't use FLASH memory as a buffer anyway... well - it's not impossible I suppose but it would be insane. Flash is a) slow and b) has a finite write cycle so it would be loony tunes to use it for a buffer.

    Only thing left I can think of is that you might have old firmware and that it needs upgrading...

    TBH I'd do the Mach thing and move on...

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    Yes I will have a look for a firmware update. Would you mind posting a link to the sources of info you found?

    As regards converting to Mach 3. I'm sold on the idea if I thought I was capable of doing it myself, or could employ someone to do it for me.

    I just ran a tool-less re-run of the file that messed up yesterday. It didn't mess up this time. What's that all about?

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    Here's one that appears to have the firmware as downloads but you should check first - chat to the nice Chinese lady. i.e. it's your gig so your risk. RZNC-0501 - RZNC-0501,RICHNC,RichAuto - CNC Controller,RZNC-0501,RZNC-0504,RICHNC-Beijing RichNC Technology Co.,LTD

    Note that the MO-CON501 is just MCPs branding. Try doing a search for just 501 CNC Pendant controller and you'll come up with all sorts of other brandings. Also - there's videos of using these things all over youtube under various brandings.


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    Ok thanks for that Ian. I will check them out. I have been trawling the internet and come up with few things to try but I am pretty sold on the Mach 3 conversion now.

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    I would agree that Mach3 is probably the best way to go. BTW - just noticed MCP want the better part of 600 for that thing - WOW!

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    From my (limited) experience Chinese routers seem to originate from one and the same design but are manufactured (even faked) at many places. A guy here bought one (2400 x 1500 mm) and I went to make the initial set up and bring it to running condition. Has a similar pendant with an USB flash drive socket. Because there was not even an user manual with it and the man had pressed on "Factory default" on the pendant I had to measure the ball screw step and the drivers' microstep settings in order to make it move again. So I had a fair look at the internals and I think a Mach3 conversion must be easy. One only needs a good parallel port controller to provide "Dir", "Step" and "Enable" signals to the stepper drivers and to accommodate the inputs - limit switches, touch probe, etc. Spindle spin up delay and speed management may be a bit more complicated but the VFD inverters usually have more than one way of remote control.

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