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    Hi, I'm David from Merseyside. I have been into pen plotters for years, architectural plans background. I wanted to make an artist machine, drawing with brushes etc. I started with an A3 Roland flat bed, then an Ioline vinyl cutter... then I discovered DIY CNC!
    Steep learning curve but I got my kit from RoutoutCNC, aluminium framing and motors etc from ebay and managed to build... (was going to call it a name :D) not christened it yet, a 4 foot square flatbed plotter. I will sort out photos and a youtube video link later. It's all up and running using Mach3 software.
    Got enough stuff to make it 8' x 4' one day.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Tr6z6BxXHQ"]YouTube - Art Plotter 2[/ame]
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    Hi fozzie, nice machine. Its always nice to see creative ideas and the things people are getting upto with cnc, i look forword to seeing some more of your work created using the cnc machine.

    Do you have a website of your own, showing examples ?

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    Hi Lee, thanks for the compliment. I was always after a large flat bed plotter (which you can't buy) :D
    I first thought of stripping down a vinyl cutter / plotter, I then discovered CNC DIY and researched it.
    A lot of trial and error, mike from routoutcnc was a great help. Sourcing pulleys and belts was hard. The frame and sliders, although expensive work a treat. I even have a spare piece of slider rail so to up the size to 8' x 4' won't be a problem.
    Yes I will have a website eventually, got the domain. I will post some more pictures of the final plotter and another video soon.

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