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    Yes, I really am not denigrating the wonderful r-tech units but it's like chalk and cheese in reality. I fail to see why they cannot integrate the blowback start torch into their units, it means less electronics so should be easy.

    the table has not missed a beat since getting it and I was just about to give up. It's damn expensive though and I could only just afford the little 30xp unit but it gives me 3-1/2 mins of continuous cut and I can throw in a pause if I have long job to let it cool off.

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    Nice read. I am at the same situation now, as i want to fit plasma to my new machine, to cut this and that from time to time at the further side of the bed, as i have HF plasma. Its Stahlwerk Combo unit CT-520 PULS TIG/ MMA/ Plasma. Though rebranded it seems is not the typical crap, i opened it to make pictures when i was ordering THC and even the boards were branded. +the 5year warranty. I bought it for the Arc and the Tig. Which work flowlessly by the way. The plasma was added bonus, i thought at the time, not knowing about issues in cnc.

    The AG60 torch and the same machine torch i bought recently seem like toys. Andrew who makes the Neuron THC gave me info that many people in Russia change the torch of similar plasmas with Binzel Abiplas Cut 70 MT, which seems very popular in Russia and around and at better price than here in Spain. So he said that torch gives excellent cut with HF machines.

    I received a grounding scheme from him, also read around a lot the proper grounding. It seems some have no problem with HF machines others could not make it work. i will give it a try.

    The good thing is that all my system will be at 24v , optoisolated and differential signals. Will see what happens and report here. Till now my garage looks like a cheese, cause i tried to drill for a rod but its rock bellow, fortunately just 1 meter outside i managed to find a spot where the rod goes deep. Now i am worried about lightnings and so, seems i have to read more.
    project 1 , 2, Dust Shoe ...

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