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    ...and with Bezier curves so you can tweak points and directions, you can do reasonably well. I must take a look at some software my wife uses to convert bitmap drawings into vectors which then get digitised for a computer sewing machine. It seems to do better than things like Adobe Illustrator.

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    Hi Bazzer here it is thanks for having a lookClick image for larger version. 

Name:	big hart1.jpg 
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    Hope this helps, in trace bitmap I used following options
    1. Black/white
    2. corner fit 43%
    3. noise filter 10
    4. bitmap fading none
    5. apply

    seemed to come out ok, I'm not always so lucky
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    hi thanks for having a look for me i have to try in my program as when i try ed to open your saved file it can up that yours it a later version than mine :-( i will try the setting thank you

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    I've saved 2 files to dxf, heart1 is a single vector, heart2 is the bitmap tracing of your image.
    cross fingers :)
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    I do a lot of bitmap tracing and the only way I can get a nice clean result is to either use the trace command and then node edit the resulting vectors or manually draw over a background image, drawing and tracing with vectors is nothing like drawing with a pencil, takes loads of practice.

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