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    When you put a wire in the wrong connector on a DC supply and spend 5 hours trying to find a fault because your sure it's in the right place.!! . .

    Think I need to go to opticians because I can't belive just how fast my eye sight as dropped away.!! . . . . .And now it's 2am and I'm wide awake from my brain doing overtime with fault finding just because I can't bloody see. . .
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    I'm right there with you. Just turned 50 and my eyes have been going fast the last 2 years.
    My problem, though, is that I'm nearsighted, and wear contact lenses to see far away, and now I need reading glasses on top of them to see up close. So I have to choose whether I want to see what's up close, or far away. :(

    Lots of bright light helps.
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    Firstly get confirmation that it's the eyes going and not the mind ....

    And if it's cataracts causing the problems, get the faulty lenses replaced with synthetic ones that correct either your near sight or far sight. Best medical procedure I ever had done.

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    At around 45 to 50 Presbyopia sets in. The eyes lose ability to close focus when the muscles have not got their former strength. This is not unusual. If you have bright illumination the pupils get smaller and you get visual acuity from the 'pinhole camera' effect. Certainly see an optician and make sure there are no cataracts or any other sinister cause, but if you didn't need glasses before you will need reading glasses, which you can buy in supermarkets, +2 dioptres would be a useful strength.

    I wear glasses to correct long sight and astigmatism. I have given up with varifocals and have distance glasses, and a +2 pair for computer use. For close work I have some bifocal specs with +2 in the upper portion and +3 in the lower segment.

    For many years I had all my vision requirements looked after by an optician, for whom I had taken on a daunting task. He never forgot me for this and his gratitude was with me for the rest of his life.

    What did I do ?



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    Look on the bright side Jazz - it only gets worse!!! About 10/15 years ago I started to buy the cheap reading glasses which was a great help. I make miniatures and dollhouses, nowadays mainly in 1/48" scale as the houses are easier to lift and move about. After about 5 years using the reading glasses I decided to buy presrciption readers - big mistake. I found that I could certainly see close up clearly, but because my eyes needed a different prescription for each eye everything looked to be distorted (trapezoidal again)so whereas I have always had a good eye for squareness plumb etc. the world turned wonky. It was back to the Lidl 1.49 readers (which are now 2.49). I have now been told that I have cataracts forming that will require work when ripe, so at that stage if I qualify for lenze implants maybe it will all come back again - eyesight that is!!! G.

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    When your arms aren't long enough to read a book.

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    Eyesight degradation should be recognised when you can't read the markings on small taps & dies and thus develop a curious affinity for for loupes and all convenient magnifying aparatus but for me it wasn't admitted until the next stage which was the discovery of supermarket reading glasses ;-)

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    I find I need vast amounts of light to see things clearly now, plus of course some magnifying aid on top of the glasses.

    types of magnifiers, focal length, dioptres, magnification, working distance
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    Ah but the daft thing about this was I do have reading Glass's in the House my girlfriend gave me and never really needed them for wiring etc.!!

    Tell you some where else I really noticed the close up eye sight being a problem which surprised me and since found out it's quite common for this to highlight bad eye sight.??? . . . . .Tig welding.!
    For 15+ years now I've welded with Mig or MMA and before that Oxy/acet with some small amount of Tig but I've recently bought a AC/DC Tig for welding Ali and Titanium and really noticed I was struggling to see the weld pool clearly no matter how I set my Automask.!! . . . . .It's a Bugger.!!

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    Ah but the daft thing about this was I do have reading Glass's in the House my girlfriend gave me and never really needed them for wiring etc.!!
    She must have been very generous giving you a house Dean Just a thought does the eyesight vary with the amount of Guinness consumed ..Clive

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