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    Pic related, it's the geometry of the finished part.

    problem is every time I use rough/finish to make a toolpath, it just turns the OD and completely ignores the contour. If I go point-to-point, it creates huge steps that my groove won't be able to finish. if I do plunge-turn, it'll hit the contour, but it cuts torward the positive on the angles.

    I just want it to be one, simple pass. start at beginning of contour>cut angle/radius>cut "flat">cut front angle/radius>done. I don't understand why the rough/finish toolpaths aren't making the cut, and there aren't any settings to my knowledge that'll let me plunge/turn negatively exclusively, in one foul swoop

    please excuse my noobiness, I'm still pretty new at this and i'm having to teach myself. thanks
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