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  1. It was a quick calculation of the motor winding impedance at the frequency in question and therefore the current in the windings. Since torque is proportional to current this gives a rough idea of the torque at a given speed compared to the stall torque.

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    Thanks again irving, I think the only real solution here will be a servo + gearbox + driver. I'm contemplating that approach, but it's freakishly expensive, although it would mean pretty much constant torque across a wide range of speeds. If I go with a 400W servo which gives around 1.3Nm within 0-3000RPM, I can put a 20:1 gearbox on it and have 26Nm within 0-150RPM. That's well plenty for my application.

    One thing I'm not 100% with servomotors, what the current requirements when choosing a PSU? is it similar to stepper motors where a 6A PSU is capable of driving 3-4 motors, or is it more like DC motors where you need a huge DC PSU to deliver the current?


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