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    Laser cutter z axis linear bearing mount - After drilling the holes on the bridgeport mill I used this metric tap guide and a m8 tap to thread the holes in the plate. I am a little disappointed in how well the tap guide works, there is way too much slop in the guide to hold the tap straight. The guide itself is very well made just not snug enough. I guess this is due to most taps from different manufactures being a slightly different size, so it would be difficult to make a system like this that works with them all?

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    IF you have a lathe, next time make a sleeve with a hole a nice fit on your desired tap, and a nice fit in one of your bigger holes in the jig.
    As a rule i usually centre /drill & tap all @ the same setting, ie without moving the setup but you could use your dial or digital readout to do the same, after your holes are drilled put a centre in your spindle to locate in the end of your tap and everything should be square, if you have a digital readout, much more better.
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    Good ideas thanks for the tips mike.
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    Any news for this project?

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    typed a response, then realised how old the post was... please delete this comment..
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    Hi Palmar, I should be getting back on it soon. Will update with some pics. Just thinking of a neat way to enclose the work area for projection and to help create an enclosure from which I can draw air.

    Have your mjunit rails arrived yet?

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    Yes, the mjunit rails just arrived today :) They was well packed. Will update my post soon :D

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