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    I agree with what magicniner just said, but I can also see why Sven said what he said.

    The method I use is to give it a good thinking about to identify the hardest part of the project, do a few experiments with bits I have laying about, R&D some ideas to find the best way forward, then engineer it properly to the best of budget and ability. By sorting the hardest part out first, I know for sure the rest will be possible.
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    Spelling mistakes are not intentional, I only seem to see them some time after I've posted

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    I think hacking in this context is best explained as "Getting to your goal as quickly as possible, using what ever is readily available."

    It is possibly meant as lifehacking, but then with tools:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sven View Post
    For that to work you have to know what "right" is.
    If you are doing something new there is a lot of stuff going on where "right" is still to be determined.

    I do a lot of development on manufacturing equipment that works on a smaller scale than the machines you can buy.
    Sure, I can buy a lot of the parts off the shelf somewhere but that costs money and even worse, time.

    That is why I hack towards a working system as quickly as I can with usually parts from just the workshop or local diy store.
    All too often I found that doing it right the first time meant that I had to do it again anyway, because the underlying assumption did not work.

    For me, hacking my way to a working result and then doing it again to improve what does not work is always quicker than doing everything right the first time....
    Finding the "Right way" isn't difficult it just takes a little research. Unfortunately it seems in this fast moving world patience isn't a virtue many have and everything is wanted NOW.! . . . That includes Knowledge and thats where it goes Tits up.!

    Hack is the Same as Bodge in my world!! . . . Bodge = Do it again.!!
    Hack is something I do to Limp my car home when it's trying to die.!!
    Hack is pointless when doing it right means only 5% extra effort.!!

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    Hack to me is, taking a bunch of "stuff" and hacking it to work with, along side and each other when neither where originally designed to do so, engineering or reverse engineering I believe it's called.

    0nce the engineering is done, you then design the bespoke parts and ultimately the new final product.

    But hey!, what do I know!, I build cnc machines out of wood!


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    But hey!, what do I know!, I build cnc machines out of wood!
    So you have built more than one out of wood ..Clive

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    Two, that's "2" a week for the last 10 (ten) thousand (1000) years.

    So yes just a few :) lol xx

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