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    I cut some parts from 1050 the other week. Yes, it's a bit of a devil to cut but I found the slower the better... These are the parts I cut:

    Attachment 12462

    And here's a clip of the machine at work. (Yes, that is the alu sheet bending while getting spot drilled - I was feeling my way around the RPMs needed...)

    And here are some cutting details - all very conservative:

    Spot drill - 10k RPM
    HSS Through Drill - 5k RPM
    3mm 2 Flute Carbide Cutter - 10k RPM
    1mm 2 Flute Carbide Cutter - 13k RPM
    Plunge rates at around 0.75-1mm/sec
    Feed rates no higher than 3.5mm/sec

    WD40 - a must. The cutter squeals a bit without it...

    I'm getting somewhere now!

    I dropped to 13k, 600mm/minute 0.75DOC with a 3mm single flute carbide and I'm getting a clean cut with fairly big C shaped swarf. It brought a tear to my eye ;)

    Cheers guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Isaac View Post
    I'm getting a clean cut with fairly big C shaped swarf. It brought a tear to my eye ;)
    Ooo - safety goggles..!

    Hehe, glad to hear that you've hit upon numbers that are working for you. Well done.


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    Cutting ali is better with an open flute, like these, which I use.
    Sorotec - Werkzeuge

    Moderate feed rates and spindle speeds give good results (even on my MD machine ) with a little bit of air to clear the chips and a drop of paraffin to cool and lubricate the cutter.
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