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    lol, anyway...

    Suesi/Steve, have a watch of this video by a friend called Tom, he covers what he use's and why and gives a little test at the end.

    It should give you a good idea on what to use and try, the fact is everyone use's their own choice and you will need to try a few different options to find what works best for you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by m_c View Post
    I can't think of ever meeting any woman called Steve...;)
    All I'll say is Fleetwood Mac.!!. . . . . But ye I didn't see the Steve before, don't change what I said thou. .

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    Hi Guys,

    Thank you to you all. Your help sure has been valuable. I think I should set afew things straight. I have the username suesi34e long story! but my name isSteve yes I am a regular guy, secondly and more importantly I have to say all Iknow about CNC or mills come to that I could write on the bag of a postagestamp. JAZZCNC was spot on that I could have a machine and not know how to useit he hit the nail on the head in being just right! I have not yet managed toget it going.

    Back to the coolant I may go with the one diesel said about on ebay 5 litersfor about 25 that sounds great value compared to some of the others based onjust a litre.

    I find the CNC matter and a lot of the knowledge needed a bit tricky.

    Thanks again, you guys make finding out new bits fun, I am often reading poststhough that are straight over my head!


  4. Quote Originally Posted by suesi34e View Post
    ... I think I should set afew things straight. I have the username suesi34e long story! but my name is Steve ...
    I Think we should be told...

    Settles Down for long story...

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    Hi m_c

    My one has a reservoir and pump and I think just need the coolant, and a bit ofluck in getting the machine going I hope the pump works!

    All the best


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    I have never noticed one soluble oil was better than another, I usually tack it on the end of an order for something else to avoid carriage. Currently using Multi-Cut G which does seem disinclined to rot.
    Modern suds pipework usually ends with one of those bendy hose things that stays where you put it and a nozzle.
    You will need splash guards to catch suds. As soon as suds hits a spinning chuck it goes everywhere.
    Two nozzles are better than one, coming at the tool from opposite directions.
    The cheap Chinese bendy hose leaks if you stray not very far from straight.
    If you use a nozzle you need to filter out everything that will not fit through that nozzle, I use Koi carp water filter bags..
    You will need a Wet'n'Dry vacuum cleaner with a crevice tool to empty out your T slots between jobs.
    Your suds return hose will block, put a brush over the entrance before you hit it with a blowgun or get a face full.
    As the level in your suds tank goes down you will top it up with water, try to remember that eventually you will need to add more oil.

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    Hi Lee,
    Many thanks for the video. I should be able to learn loads from Tom I see he has over 170 videos with followers all over the world. I see what you meant by the test
    Thanks again!

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    Np, indeed allot of the time when watching people like Tom, you notice them do other tricks and things they are not covering in the said video but are handy extra knowledge you pick up.

    Another two contacts to follow are Keith Fenner and Adam (abom79) you can find them in my circles on google plus ( )and via each other on youtube.

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  9. the simplest solution blasocut 2000 if you cant stretch to hangsterfers 787 in many many years of machining stuff you will find there are toytown coolants and two that aren't

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    I'm always happy with Hysol excel although I'm not sure if you can get it in hobbiest size. I have a 20kg drum that's lasted me for a couple of years but I use mist on Alu as it's just neater for my set up. If I'm on stainless I put the enclosure around the machine and go with the flood. A buddy of mine uses it in full flood all the time in his full enclosed machine and is happy with it. Doesn't stink too much and when you use it at about 5% in the emusion once the water evaporates off it leaves a nice protective coating of oil on the table and slideways. Handy if you are only using the machine a couple of times a week.
    Just my two cents.

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