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    Hi Guys, I would like to say thank you everyone who has given advice and help to me on trying to get the cnc machine working..... I have been busy with other work and have found myself back on the forum.... And to be honest i have not got the time to sort out the old machine. I am currently looking at a new 3m x 2m machine. I would like some advice form you guys.... The two companies that i have looked into are AXYZ AND MULTICAM. The machine will have a tool changer and i have asked for a 250 gantry height... I have had quotes but am in the decision making process. I would like to have some help in what i should look out for... i am new to cnc...but have clear ideas on what i want to do... sign writing is a option but there is so much that can be done. Thanks in advance

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    Thanks to EddyCurrent, JAZZCNC, GEOFFREY for all the help and advice on my last post

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    all depends on your budget, new machine that size is gonna cost, that size is more industrial scale ( unless it just for signs ). And if you want to go that way ( industrial scale ), the best prices and machines are found at liquidation Auctions, bit spotters a good place to start.

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    Spelling mistakes are not intentional, I only seem to see them some time after I've posted

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    thanks georgeuk,eddycurrent... i am reading now:)

  8. Hey guys.
    Can we do bargaining before buying machines?

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    Eddycurrent all good but only problem they are in the states? No UK reviews? I have seen both machines working... multicam is good... but in my experience so far the phone support has not been great? in selling to me One of my local cnc shop has 5 multicams and recommend them all day. On the other hand had AXYZ come out for a meeting ... took me to 2 sites and showed me 1 customer who is in similar business and then a extreme user who has 4 axyz machines 2 are on nearly 24hrs a day... crazy.. and this company was ordering its 5th?

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    Axyz and multicam are pretty common in the sign making industry and tend to hold their value well. Buying a new machine you will want to hit the ground running as that will be a massive investment to pay back. Diabond and plastic cutting for the sign industry is prob one of the least demanding applications for a cnc, as the material cuts easily and tolerances are big. This means you that old router of yours would cuts signs no bother.
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