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    Hi Guys, I would like to say thank you everyone who has given advice and help to me on trying to get the cnc machine working..... I have been busy with other work and have found myself back on the forum.... And to be honest i have not got the time to sort out the old machine. I am currently looking at a new 3m x 2m machine. I would like some advice form you guys.... The two companies that i have looked into are AXYZ AND MULTICAM. The machine will have a tool changer and i have asked for a 250 gantry height... I have had quotes but am in the decision making process. I would like to have some help in what i should look out for... i am new to cnc...but have clear ideas on what i want to do... sign writing is a option but there is so much that can be done. Thanks in advance
    Thanks toEddyCurrent, JAZZCNC, GEOFFREY for all the help and advice on my last post

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    Welcome back!!! Have you just won the lottery? Those machines are certainly ideal for woodworking and sign writing. New machines like that are very nice, but expensive. If you are just starting or expanding a business It may be better to consider starting with a used model first - like dipping your toe in the water. You can always upgrade later if necessary, but at least you will have had the chance to see how you get on with the cnc (I'm sure you will love it) and perhaps have made some money to justify the expenditure. I am not trying to tell anyone how to run their life, just advising a little caution. Whatever you decide to do I wish you the best of luck with your venture. G.

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    Hi Geoffrey, Thanks for your opinion... I have a beast of a machine which is not working?? I work with plastics and am looking at other niches to work in... I am lucky to be in a situation at work that are asking me to help them move forward. AND a flat bed cnc is what is req. They are very expensive.... I am after some honest opinions in what i should make sure that i have and what is not req? I am on a very big learning curve but with the support and help form you guys it seems to me that i am in the right place. I am in slough... if someone can help with the old machine... I am up for it? but its too time consuming.... the company i work for has a reputation of being the fastest in turnaround and time of delivery jobs.. they don't want risk old machine working then stopping hence why new machine will have support?

  4. Hello guys
    I am also new comers here.
    So I also need to follow these rules, right?

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