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    Hi All,

    I have this crazy idea of CNC'ing an engraved design into some sheet aluminium for my workshop door (if anyone knows the Doors of Durin, then you know the design).

    Question is I have seen V Bits for wood and they're carbide or at least carbide tipped, but will they cut in aluminium or am I resigned to ballnose?

    Also does anyone know of anything cheaper than Vectric VCarve for bitmap CAMming?

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    A good sharp bit shouldn't be a problem

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    Try it and see? If not then spot drills work surprisingly well as a 90 degree engraving cutter for aluminium. You've probably seen the Aztec calenders cut with them. Just make sure you get one which has a sharp point.

    6mm spot drill -weld | eBay
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    Thanks guys,

    I was getting some funky results for F&S from GWizard, so was a little concerned, but will give it a go.

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