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    This is driving me nuts. Last night I started wiring up my PSUs, drivers, and motors. All the standard Zapp/MCP kind. Wired everything up as per the diagram provided by MCP. Plugged it in and the PSU has a green light, but the drive has a red one! I have checked my wiring against the note about a hundred times! I tried both series and parallel, tried different drives, different psu. Nothing works!

    This is the wiring I am using:

    A+: Blue + Red
    A-: Blue/white + red/white
    B+: Green + Black
    B-: Black/white + green/white

    Could someone please check the attached pic and tell me what I have done wrong? I have wired these things up before without problem.

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    We have seen this problem before, another PSU in parallel with your current PSU should fix the problem.

    Let me know what size PSU you’re using and I’ll give you a price, i would also suggest doing the linking at the motor end as well.

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    I don't even know if I want to admit this...

    But as it turns out the problem was the PSU. One of them is a PS407, the other is a PS705. The 705 is rated at 70 something volts, and the drive only takes something like 48 if I remember correctly.

    Anyone want to buy a PS705 unit? :D

    Keith: Indeed I am back home, putting the finishing touches to the machine finally :). The phone was flat, again. You mind if I give you a call tonight? Need some advice on setting up mach if thats alright. Also, I'll need a nice thick table with t slots made up. If you interested in a little work.


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