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    My interest in cnc has been fuelled ever since I recently discovered that the CAD package I am using has a basic CAM bolt on.

    So I started looking for a rig to use at home, that would machine any material, to any shape, to any size and still have change from 5K........ I know right!...... How hard could it be!? lol

    I think what I am looking for is a Router, capable of being adapted to different roles, with an approx A2 machining area, z axis around 200 mm, capable of milling aluminium on occasion for as close to 5K as possible. Preferably off the shelf.
    Hopefully achievable.

    I have already found some interesting information here regarding machines of this type but I realise I have just scratched the suface.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.



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    Hi Andy, wellcome to the forum. With your budget and modest size requirements I think you have a good chance of buying something, especially if you go down the nearly new route. You will get many suggestions that it would be better to build your own - take a look at some build logs. if you feel that you do not have the time or skills to build your own you may even be able to persuade one of our more experienced members to build a purpose made machine for you!!! - it's worth a try. Good luck with whatever you decide, I am sure you will get lots of help and encouragement here. G

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    Andy, what's the CAD package you are using ?
    Spelling mistakes are not intentional, I only seem to see them some time after I've posted

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    Thanks for the welcome.

    I am currently using Autodesk Inventor and am hoping to use the free CAM bolt on, Inventor HSM Express to get me started on 2 axis before looking at adding software for 3D profiling.
    From what I have read Mach 3 seems to be the controller software of choice and I know HSM express has a Mach 2 export option. (I am assuming that 3 is backwards compatible).

    I am looking for as close to a turn key solution as possible.
    (I love the idea of a self build but finding the time to see it through to completion would be extremely difficult.)

    I am considering Stoney CNC's JBEC 1065123 STONEYCNC · JBEC-106512 Professional CNC router as it appears to give me the flexibility I am looking for. I particularly liked the ability to increase the throat access for machining larger items.
    However, I have read with interest the threads on the forum regarding these machines and value for money, machining aluminium etc.
    So that option is on pause for the moment.

    New, second hand or a bespoke build are all options I would certainly consider and I welcome any advice.



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