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    My resistors I have removed. They are connected to 28v and fed into the chocblock I believe they then went into the tool rotation circuit board and the boards in the electronics, but I didn't write these cables down post the chocblock, I forgot to do that one...

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    It is really good to have your emergency stop switch in, forgot to say that in the mains in, the emergancy stop has 3 connections switches. 2Nc and 1 no. The nc ones are red, no is green. One of the red switches are wired into the spindle mains supply to break mains power to the spindle controller. The other nc I have wired to the motor power so that the 28v to motors are killed so machine stops moving, but electronics are still powerd not the stepper drives. The no I have wired into my BOb so when it's pressed mach3 sees this as an emergancy stop.

    the end stop electronic switches the small orange switches bolted onto x y and z, are important as the axis can ram into the metal frame of the axis, and potentially on the x it could let the ballnut off from the screw, although it would hit the chassis edge before, so... Yeah. They have 3 wires, black brown and blue, they are powered 10-36v so I power mine from 28v or was it 18.. The signal wire is connected to the switch input in your controller, and ground is put onto common ground.

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    Hi, thanks for the replies. I'll remove the resistors as I have taken the tool carousel off to make room for the monitor.
    I have a homing switch fitted to each axis, forgot to label them in the pictures. Do you have hard limits set at the end of each axis or do you just use the homing position to set up software limits?
    I have a pilz safety relay for my E-Stop chain, the CSMIO controller comes with a circuit diagram for setting it up. Ill post a picture when I have a chance.
    I also have the same stepper drivers as you, the Parker SD3's, have you identified what colour cables are the step and Dir from the motors?
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    Im using new motor drivers MA860H ones and have completly removed the electronics.
    I do know the pinouts for the older drivers but i have placed them somewhere. I do believe there is an image with pinouts taped to the connector, but i cant locate it unless i search this forum. will take a look.
    With regards to the stepper motor step and direction cables from the motor, do you mean what are the col pairs from the motors? or mean the step and dir signal to the stepper drivers?

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    I have now finished converting my VMC 260 and its working!

    I have many pictures upa t my flickr site:

    I think that link works... just search Flickr for 'Roboteernat' if not.

    I used the spindle controller already in the unit and have it wired so its only one direction, but have left in the reverse option should I use my spindle controller board.

    I will write a bit more details, but take a look at my flickr stream to get an idea.

    Feel free to PM me and say hi


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