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    Hi All
    Does anyone know if there is a specific setting for using a diamond drag tool for engraving on Brass Plate in metric settings .
    I want to have a go at Engraving some Brass plate and Aluminium to see if its a viable process .
    The drag tool is spring loaded but I am not sure of the feed rate and depth to go to.
    I couldnt find any info regarding the settings in past posts on here.

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    I've not investigated speeds & feeds for Diamond Drag as it copes with a wide range of speeds when using a manual pantograph engraving machine, generally it will manage higher speeds than milling so just give it a go, it's definitely viable.
    Attached is a test where the lower case in the smaller text is 1mm high, I didn't set the speed, just left it as BobCad/Cam set it for a .01mm tip V bit cutter and a .1mm DOC.
    Experiment on some scrap, the diamond drag cutters are quite robust, I haven't worn one out yet ;-)

    - Nick
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    Cheers Nick
    I know this may sound strange But I am completely in the dark with this diamond drag ,,,,,,Do I let the spindle start up with it in or use it with out the spindle running , any help would be appreciated on this one .
    Best Regards

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    for drag engraving G. do NOT run spindle!!!

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    As Geoffrey says, spindle off.
    You can experiment with the amount of spring compression to vary line definition, I had a little too much pressure in my aluminium test block but the text came out well on Titanium,

    - Nick

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