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    Yeha bet this mother doesn't use stepper motors. . .

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    I think that has a brother here Machining Milling Turning Boring and I think I spotted a couple of nema 17 possibly to press some of the buttons ..Clive
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    Bet it's not using unsupported rails :D

    Swarf size looks decent:)

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    I think it is made out of MDF, and probably uses LINUX. G.

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    watch this even got a robot to change it's tools Imagefilm - Deutsch.wmv - YouTube might give you guys some ideas

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    That's nothing special My machine got a Robot with most advanced control system in the world.!! . . ME . . . . . . .Still Trumps me thou because I don't need a Cheery picker to reach top of Z axis. .

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    i'd like to have a play on that milling machine! the lathe in our workshop looks bigger than the one in that video tho, although ours is a lot older!

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    Jazz can you build me one of these PLEASE budget 100.00

    One can wish LOL
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