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  1. Hello Guys, (Please note I am adding costs after some time when I will get exact no. so wait till that time)
    Reason behind the posting of thread is I want to show some good features are available in second hand machinery. This is for those peoples whose don't have trust on used accessories. I am adding this thread just because I saw some of them buying machines by their basic needs from CNC machines. Here I am showing some second hand machinery images of Used CNC machines, Milling machines, second hand grinding machine, some borers & drills. See below:
    1. CNC lathes: Warner & Swasey WSC-6
    Model : WSC- 6
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	used-cnc-lathes-machines-saibaba-machine-tools.jpg 
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ID:	11841

    2. Grinding machine : UVA Johansson 3UD Cylindrical Grinder
    Model : 3UD
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	used-grinding-machines-saibaba-machine-tools.jpg 
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ID:	11842
    3. Milling machine : Stanko no. 5 Power arm Universal milling
    Model :BGC-450
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	used-milling-machines-saibaba-machine-tools.jpg 
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Size:	72.0 KB 
ID:	11843

    If you saw in large view, You wouldn't found any fault in view as well as in working.
    I just trying to say that take used accessories is completely depends on where you buying Or who you are offering the machine.
    You will get many second hand machine dealers across world but your decision is last for where to deal.
    SO first get trust and then go ahead.
    Second hand machinery is also equal to new one except some minor sentences.
    If anybody agreed on my words please give your opinions also suggestion are welcome.

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    All good for anyone looking for big machines but none of that fits the bill for hobyist or the requirement for small machines as requested in the post you linked to ;-)
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  3. hello Magicniner,
    This thread is only for those people who don't have trust on second hand machinery.
    If you don't have interest then you should ignore this thread.

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    Im not sure wether you mean well or your just plugging that link again,its a pointless thread either way.
    I doubt anyone has a problem with buying second hand machinery,if its made for the job, the space is there and within budget.
    This is mostly a diy forum where a lot are of the mind of why buy when you can build it,
    Others will build out of necessity because they cant afford to buy and even then most budgets seem to fall below 2000.
    most logs seem to be wood router style machines(moving gantrys) and used mill conversion logs .

  5. Hello Diesel,
    i have already mentioned in my thread this on is only for those people who don't have trust on second hand accessories.
    And I like to tell you one truth, some people asks crore questions at the time of buying even you will ask but some of them asks pointless questions.
    What do u think? all can build it? No its not possible for all. I have experience about that kind of peoples.
    When you are using Second hand word that time they will think when you are buying machine, after few months it will crash or get damaged.
    I just want to change that mentality. That set.

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    You are preaching to the choir here, you're on a forum where many have experience of second hand, self build and CNC conversion and willingly share that experience with others.
    On the bright side you're increasing web exposure for your favourite Indian second hand tool dealer, shipping to the UK might be prohibitive though ;-)

    - Nick
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