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    Hi to all.

    Looking at the site for the first time and it seems that the right thing to do is to introduce my self to the community at large. So here we go!!!

    Name's Phil and I have been making Native American Style Flutes for the past 6 years and have a strong interest in anything wood. Decided to purchase a small worktop router in November last year and found a good deal in China and got a FLDG6090 Mini CNC Router with a NK105 controller. It arrived safe and sound in December where it got a position in my workshop where it stayed until last week when I finally had time to have a play. I also purchased Artcams Insignia 2013 from Delcam and had as part of the deal got a days training here at home. I would recommend doing this to anyone as it really helped in getting around the software.

    Being new to CNC Routing I would like to have a mentor that I can discuss problems with and if necessary have a visit to give hands on help.

    Well there you go, introduction over.
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