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    Am returning to the Forum after a long break as I'm upgrading an Emco C5 to "more modern electronics".
    I contacted a local supplier seeking a kit of parts which were duly supplied and consists of Bob, stepper motors, drivers, software, etc.
    Regarding the spindle motor (180v dc) I have ordered an Asian PWM controller and a Homann isolating interface. My problem is there appears to be no facility on the HG08 Bob to connect this controller or the spindle position index sensor, just a relay.
    As screw cutting is high on my list of requirements can anybody suggest a more appropriate Bob or a way of using the HG08 or any other sensible ways of deriving speed and position control with Mach3.

    My Thanks in anticipation.

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    You should be able to use one of the inputs on the HG08 for the spindle pulse.
    The manual is a bit vague, but I'd guess they'll be using the same high speed optocouplers as the outputs, so should be able to handle an index pulse.
    Spindle speed control will require some kind of external step to analogue converter. One thing you might not realise about the HG08, is even though the connectors are labled for specific axis, you don't have to use them for that purpose. The step and dir pins on each axis connector can be configured and used as a normal output.

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    Thanks for that information it has helped to restore my enthusiasm, after digging deeper into the manuals I do believe I can see a route through.


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