Hi, first off I'm pretty much a stranger when I comes to cnc machines however confident in autocad and cad cam so not unfamiliar with computers however I'm mac through and through.

I work at a small cabinet makers and were looking to expand our facilities slightly.

First off off I must stress this isn't a stand alone commercial venture, the machine will probably get 80 hours of use a year, if that. So were looking for a cheap machine to experiment with. It's main uses will be cutting simple curves and angles in 3-18mm mdf that we can then copy with a normal router....

Weve found the ox max cnc which can be spec'd to cut 1200mm wide so is probably the size machine we'd want I was also concerned about flex in the rails so I've emailed them, they can also supply it with doubled rails and a 90 degree rail along the y axis to create an 'I beam' construction


secondly, accuracy needs to be about 1/3mm the system uses a belt drive will this deliver?

Lastly this needs to be as simple to operate as possible, I have autocad and mesh am on my mac to generate g code could I then save the g code to USB stick and use something like this to wipe out the need for a cheap PC?

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So to finish really we want something to play around with mainly for exhibition pieces we have a full workshop of tooling and this is purely an experimental thing to learn basic cnc, we're not relying on it for income.

Has anybody got one of these machines yet? I know they are very new on the market but some first hand experience would be great rather than speculated opinion?