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    R2fab at this stage,i havent the time or plans to start the table.
    im still reading build threads and taking notes. lol
    i have many other things i need to get sorted first.
    im also really thinking on doing a cnc conversion on my mill.
    i know a round column isnt the best, but as jazzcnc said if you use good electronics they can always be taken off and put onto another machine, or used on another build.
    i need to get a DTI stand so i can work out the play in the screws on the mill.
    i dont really want to put ballscrews on it, i would sooner put ballscrews on a mill/router or cnc table i was going to build.

    take a read of the many build threads on this forum.
    ask questions. there are many members that are well clued up on cnc stuff and have build a fair few..


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    Building the frame and wiring everything up really isn't a problem for me. Where I'm struggling is I don't know which parts I need. Motors, drives, bearings etc. If I could say I want to make a plasma table that can fit a 1250 x 1250mm sheet. What parts do I need. I could have this built within a week. It's that technical side I'm struggling with.

    I'll just keep reading the forums.

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    there are a fair few on here that could help you with that. but they would want to see a design of the machine, so they can advise you correctly.
    start up a build thread ? get a few drawings up and im sure plenty will reply.

    theres nothing like buying the incorrect part and having trouble selling it on for a lot less then you bought it.

    at that size ( 1250 is a fair width)
    i would think your need two screws, maybe driven by one motor with pulleys and belt.

    put in your biuld thread your budget ?

    good motors with good drivers and ballscrews and good rails aint cheap.
    but better to do it right the first time then waste money and time having to buy the good stuff in the end.

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    The reason for 1250x1250mm is because it's half of the standard sheet size I use. If I had the room in my shop I'd go for 2500 x 1250mm. But it just won't fit. I'd prefer to get the best parts I can afford. To be honest I don't have a clue about the parts. I've seen so many different set ups it's confusing.

    Think I'll sit down and draw up so designs and see what feed back I get.

    Cheers for the advise.

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    yes i understand the 1250 size is half a sheet.
    and having a 8x4 table would be nice. but takes a fair bit of room

    thats why i was going to do a 4x2 because of space.

    yes it can get very confusing about all the different parts that are available.

    yes gets some designs drawn up and start a build log...
    the help will be no end. and your be glad you did.

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