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    I've been trying to source a spindle index sensor and board and have so far found two that appear suitable, one from CNC4PC and the other by CNCdoctor, as I would prefer to buy from a UK supplier I tried to place an order with the latter, but without success, are they still trading? I would also be pleased to learn of any other sources for a suitable sensor board.


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    Personally I wouldn't bother with a seperate board, as the only benefit is it makes wiring things up a bit easier. -
    All you need is an optical slot sensor - Slotted Optical Switches - 1

    They can also be had of ebay for not much money.

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    Thank you for your speedy reply, but I was asking if cncdoctor are still trading as I would like to place an order with them, or locate another UK company marketing a similar product.


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    There are no contact details so that puts me off right away, I would send them an enquiry and if no reply next day then forget it.
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