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    Hi m_c, thank you for the reply. I am reluctant to try ata lower pressure as when I did use at lower pressure about 80 PSI there wereproblems and I am told from the chap who converted my mill that lower pressurecan cause problems. Here are some photos from under the plastic case. When I amlooking at new compressors none that I have seen mention what you can set theminimum pressure at!
    Many thanks for any help anyone can give.

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    look at this switch
    Condor MDR1 Compressor Pressure Switch - Next Day from Airlines-Pneumatics

    I've had a look at all my compressors and they all have adjustable differentials fitted
    but they all british made quality compressors

    I really cant see from your photos what they have can you take some in focus?

    The top bolt head adjusts the pressure have you increased that?
    it may go up to 140 psi safely then your kick in pressure may be raised to keep you over your desired 100 psi

    your tank is rated for 150 psi certainly though check on the ratings plate

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    Ian, personally I wouldn't recommend raising the maximum pressure beyond the preset pressure on these compressors, as they'll struggle to reach a higher pressure. They often struggle to reach the set maximum pressure, let alone anything higher!

    By the looks of it, that MDR kit you link to, combined with the differential kit should do the job nicely for Suesi.
    Set it for 7bar cut-in, and you should be able to set the cut-out for not much more, that way the compressor isn't having to reach too high a pressure before cutting out. You probably don't want the cut-in pressure too near the cut-out pressure though, otherwise the compressor will be continually starting/stopping.

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    Hi Ian, yes my mate tried to increase the pressure but it has not got it to kick in right. I am reluctant to try doing that further due to fear of making hard work for the compressor as m_c mentions. I think perhaps it would be a good idea to go the part you gave a link for. Sorry the pictures were not great I see what you mean when I looked at them again! Many thanks for your help and the link and I think I may go down that road. Suesi

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    Hi m_c many thanks for your thoughts and I appreciate the help. What you have said make a lot of sense and as I said I think I may buy the kit Ian has given a link for.
    All the best Suesi

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