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    I decided to build a flying gantry router, X600 Y300 Z100.

    It has 4 x Nema 23 motors 1.86nm holding, 10mm od Ballscrew with 3mm pitch, Fully supported THK linear bearings on all axis. I use the machine with a Trend Router for milling Delrin and Aluminium plate upto 10mm thick.

    I also mount a laser I built from a DVD burner diode to etch plastics and organic materials pictured below.

    Here is an Aluminium Dash board for a boat I cut out of 2mm.

    And here is a baby photo of my son Laser etched into some mahogony with a DVD diode controlled by Mach of course!

    Michael Duffin.

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    Sorry about Huge photo's!

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    Yup, just had to nip out and get 5 shillings for the meter so I can download them.

    600 x 600 pixels works out fine for forum work, many applications can do resizing. Ifranview is OK and a free download.

    Got some questions when I can see them properly.

    John S.

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    Photo's Shrunk :)

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    Nice setup Mike, that Dash board looks sweet !

    If you upload pics to the gallery system first, it will resize them for you and also give you the line of code needed to paste them into your posts.

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    Looks an ugly bastard to me .................:evil:

    John S.

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    Nope i also smiled back at him kip, reading this then going back up and looking at his pic also made me smile again...

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    Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    Looks an ugly bastard to me .................:evil:

    John S.
    Cheers Pal!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    Looks an ugly bastard to me .................:evil:

    John S.
    Yea but John if everyone looked like me we wouldn't be able to tell apart the professional machinistís over the aspiring wannabeeís like Kipper, now enough of the flirtatious ramblings, letís see your mug shot, Iím not talking coffee beans ether!

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    That's a nice looking machine Michael...

    Which Trend router is that? I've heard people talk about the T4 or T5, but the one on your rig looks different. How do you get on with the noise?

    Also, I love the trick with the laser diode - you'll have to teach us all how to do that sometime.... :-)

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