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    Well i'd thought i'd start a log about it... Going to take a few months since the cash doesn't flow in as quick as i'd like... But that does give me plenty of time to get my head around CAD etc... The machine will be used initially for making computer cases from 5mm perspex.

    My plan is to build most of the router from 18mm MDF. This will allow the less important parts to be nice and cheap. I will however be buying decent parts for the linear movement etc as I plan to migrate these to a better machine once i'm settled.

    Minimum cut area will be 400x400, Z axis hasn't been decided yet, but will likely be around 50-100mm. I've purchased 500mm supported rails for the X axis and will be using 16mm dia rails for the Y axis ( as per design below). Z axis will probably be 12mm or so rails, but again i'm not sure on this as I havn't got my head around the z axis design.

    I am planning ( at the moment ) on making the bed 700mmx700mm. This gives me a nice large working area and extra room to fit everything in. This shouldn't affect the minimum cutting area as i'll be using limit switches to ensure the the equipment is optimised. For drive i'm planning on basic M8 leadscrews, I was planning on delrin drive nuts but I dont have a pillar drill and my first attempt to drill/tap by hand came up a little off straight.

    Thats it for now I think... Construction has started and i'll slowly keep this updated with progress. Diagram is to scale, however i'm not sure if the gantry's will remain that small (around 120mm high).

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    I am considering fitting 2 screws, not sure if I'm able to get the structural rigidity to be able to have a single screw. So I think i'll be looking into a belt drive for the second screw since I dont think having 2 steppers on the x-axis will offer that much improvement.

    Also got to increase the strength of the Y-Axis to increase tortion in the Z-Axis.

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    Well I updated the rig a little, reinforced the gantry a bit and added the idea of a belt drive to the second gantry.

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    I assume you mean driving the gantry using the belt....

    Not too keen on the idea myself

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    6 week old baby seems to be doing his best about getting in the way of that :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kip View Post
    which you'll find out all about if you
    tut tut tut....lmao ;)

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    Very slow progress due in no small part to my new boy...

    Which isn't a bad thing as I have to wait for funds to appear to get the expensive parts of the build!

    Started the base today at least, rails are parrallel and 500mm long. Extra space is being allowed so the steppers sit inside the base.

    Hopefully I'll get around to starting the gantry in the next couple of days. I've the stepper motors and leadscrews ready to mount, but i've no idea how i'm going to attach the leadscrews to the gantry (leadnuts????).

    I've ditched the belt drive idea, going for dual steppers on the x-axis. Just need to get a 4 axis controller, power supplies and rails for y+z axis.

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    Fair point well presented... It's not something I had considered, thought I'd get away with the pine as it was lying around....

    Think i'll leave it asis for the time being till i've made the gantry and then I can go back and fix it.

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    Got a table saw arriving in a couple of months and I doubt i'll have sourced the electronics by then, so i'm happy to wait as the table saw will give me the square cuts I need

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    Kool will be keeping an eye on this one !

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