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    just wondering if any of you have had a crack at building your own auto tool changers for mills.
    theres not much chat on here regarding them.
    I know of one chap here whos working on one and im sure he will post it up when done in the future.
    im a fan of this in the video with me having an x3 ,he's made a tidy job of it.

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    Looks like a TTS (Tormach Tooling System) copy.

    cnczone is the place for ATC threads, although for that size of mill, most seem to revolve around the TTS system.
    The TTS uses a collet type system that clamps onto a parallel shank, which seems fine provided you're not pushing the spindle too hard especially on interupted cuts.
    Without going to a full spindle redesign/rebuild, the other option is a suitable reverse thrust setup that when you unscrew the drawbar the tool gets pushed out, and combined with a small airgun that engages to slacken/tighten the drawbar.
    If you do fancy the full spindle rebuild option, you can't really beat this thread for ideas/info - BT30 spindle from scratch - with power drawbar and ATC of course
    Personally, I'm just waiting for an ATC spindle to be delivered (if it ever does get delivered!), then I might think about what machine to put it on...

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    sorry for the late reply mc,
    thats one hell of a thread,when I get a bit of time I'l sit down and have a proper read of it
    thanks for the link. what spindle are you waiting on?

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    Hopefully within the next month or so im going to have a crack at a bt30 atc.


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