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    Well I have finally made the decision and taken the plunge and I should be the owner of a CNC router in a while. I spent months researching suppliers and considering self build. I looked at Chinese machines that initially seem good value but support and the hassle of importing worried me, the commercial machines in the UK and here in Ireland are very expensive for anything halfway decent and there are a lot of cowboys out there. Self build was tempting but I really needed to be sure I would specify parts etc correct and I needed one quicker than I could build it lol. The quality of the machine is important as it will be by one and only means to making a crust due to life dumping on me lol.
    I needed a machine that would be accurate, reliable and be suited to commercial use. Well I was just getting more confused then I found this forum, what a great help it has been and so helpful in avoioding expensive pitfalls.
    Well the long and the short of it is that I am having a machine built for me. I have seen videos of the work in progress and hopefully will be machining soon.
    A big thanks to my 'builder' and I look forward to using my new machine.

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